Iontophoresis Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

16 Oct

If You're dealing with excessive sweating, you are quickly going to run upon the expression "iontophoresis." This term describes one of the very best remedies for sweaty hands and sweaty foot out there.

It is a big misconception that tablets are effective to heal the Sweaty hands. While the truth is that the pills like Robinul can help to treat sweating to some degree, but still the problem remains. The pills have great side effects, and also they have their limitations in regard of curing the sweating. The pills certainly help to lower the sweating problem but incur grim side effects on your whole body. Along with drying your palms, the tablets make dry mouth, and you feel some difficulty in swallowing. Not just the mouth, but also the eyes get dried.

The South Africa Africatreatment works by introducing a small, weak electrical current to the sweat glands on the hands or feet to stop them from excreting sweat for a time which can last up to several weeks. This weak current is created by the machine itself and is conducted to your hands or feet through a shallow tray of water.

You certainly don't need to be concerned about a safety issue as the electric current is simply not powerful enough to cause any injury. But, it is capable of supplying relief by stopping the excessive sweating for up to several weeks at a time.

The procedure begins by placing either your hands on your toes in a shallow trays of water. The iontophoresis device is then connected to those shallow trays to deliver the weak electric current. When the current is triggered, only leave your feet or hands in the trays for at least 20 minutes at a time. When first beginning these treatments, you'll be repeating these treatments on a daily basis until you stop sweating. Most frequently the excess sweating will stop after five to ten treatments.

On occasion, with more severe cases, it might take a bit longer to stop sweating but have no fear; if you keep with it, the procedure will get the job done. To know more ideas on how to choose the right Iontophoresis machine, just check out

After the remedies have successfully stopped the sweating, It's possible for you to move to a maintenance program of remedies to ensure continued dry feet or hands. A fantastic guideline is that you'll require an iontophoresis session once every three to four weeks. But, this is simply an estimate; the optimal program might be shorter, or even more.

Iontophoresismachines can be purchased commercially for around a thousand dollars in the US but  can be put together quite easily by almost anybody for far less.

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